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Dauntless Computers is a local custom computer building team. Our technicians are able to either build you the computer of your dreams, or help you find what you need. Like any computer store, you have options when you buy from us:

Full Custom Build | ANY PARTS YOU WANT

With a full custom build, you get full control over your computer. This means that everything from the part selection, to the lighting color, to the size of the case and included features is up to you. Our technicians ask a series of targeted questions to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. This option gives you a tighter control of the budgetting as well. A full custom build takes 6-10 business days to build, configure, and test. Rush orders can be completed with fee. Call 407-917-1345 or contact us to order now!

Even if you don't have any idea what parts you want, if you have a theme or a target budget we can walk you through the parts selection process and find what you want. Still don't know? Let us surprise you!


With a pre-configured build, you are buying one of our series options: The Sentry (as low as $569), the introduction to PC gaming; Our Enthusiast ($1475) grade machine, great for any game for years to come; or the Future-Proofed Experience ($1975), which will play anything at high settings for many years to come.

If you would like to make some changes to the existing builds we simply take into account the changes and build you a quote from there. For example, if you have $850 to spend, we will upgrade a Sentry series with a better graphics card and processor.

We'll give you the most performance for your budget. These computers are ready to pickup same day. Every computer will come in a gaming mid-size chasis and will include blue or red case lighting as available. Please call ahead to confirm availability.

Bring your own parts & Upgrades

Alternatively, if you only want construction services - whether for a full build or simplay an upgrade - Dauntless technicians are ready to provide consultation for part selection, and the actual construction of the computer, and will follow up with 90 Days tech support related to common issues. This service is 10% of the purchase value of the parts, down to $150. Please call to arrange for your construction service.


We also offer repair services in-house (or on-site for businesses). Desktops, competitor machines, laptops, workstations, etc. You can read more about that here.

Special Announcement

After building over 400 computers for Orlando area gamers and busineses, Dauntless Computers is proud to open its tech support division. Geared toward business support service, Dauntless management is exploring the bright future of the Orlando area. A recent meeting with the lead engineers at Harris Aerial, another rapidly growing Orlando area business, led to productive conversation about the future of the local Orlando business market. Relationships with local companies is the core of our B2B relations and we hope to take our mindset of excellent customer service and extend that into the field of our business services as well. If your business is in need of tech support service feel free to contact or call today.